The "phygital" Netflix of books

Invest in the innovative Web 3.0 ecosystem that produces literary content accessible to everyone, everywhere. A portion of the revenues is used to buy back tokens.

Platform for reading and selling products and services around the book / Production and distribution of textual, literary and educational content.

Smart Liber is an international ecosystem that uses the power of Web 3.0 to produce and distribute more accurate and relevant access to literary content on a global scale.

Compared to a phygital Netflix of books, users can access a wide variety of textual, literary, audio and educational content via a digital platform powered by AI and gamification.


  • 2 years of self-financed R&D
  • One MVP already produced
  • 30+ employees worldwide
  • 350 000 euros already raised…

Invest in Smart Liber

5% of revenues dedicated to token buyback

IBEx Notation 

From the first quarter of 2024, Smart Liber will devote 5% of its turnover to buy back and destroy LIBER-T tokens

2024 revenue target: 140k€
2025 revenue target: 1.4M€
2026 revenue target: 4.1M€

The exclusive “CONFIDENCE PACK” offer is only available for this first 10 Million token sale!

LIBER-T token


Trust Pack*

10 million tokens


36 months

(*) Offer limited to the first 10 million tokens purchased. Double your initial number of tokens by keeping them on a “long” Ibex account.
You continue to dispose freely of your LIBER-Ts in exchange for waiving the corresponding bonus.


Enter your email address and the amount you wish to invest





APP launch

Start of the PRP

(*) depending on the availability of tokens


Project led by an expert and complementary founding team with a track record matching the challenge.
(25 years in large groups such as Danone, IBM and Safran, CB news, Télérama…).



What is IBEx Launchpad?

IBEx is a project launcher that allows real life companies to find the necessary funding for their development or growth through a digital token (also called token or crypto-asset).

The IBEx exchange is operated by a French team, we support European real economy companies.

How does a sale take place on the IBEx Launchpad?

In two phases: the VIP sale is accessible only by invitation or recommendation. Contact the CEO of the project you wish to join.

Then the public sale (also called ICO) once opened is accessible to all, through the IBEx module on this page.

In both cases: the payment, the delivery of the tokens and the PRP will take place on the IBEx platform
Creating an IBEx account is required, we accept payments in EUR or crypto-currency.

Contact support with any questions: or on Telegram

What is the PRP?

The Perpetual Repurchasing Plan is a value-creating mechanism based on the development of the underlying business of the digital token.

A portion of the revenue is used to buy back tokens on the IBEx SPOT market where the token will be listed (also called IDO), ensuring fairness of treatment via the anonymous order book.

According to the commitments of the simplified information notice (also called lightpaper) that you have at the time of your investment, the tokens redeemed during the PRP are destroyed, the remainder is put in reserve in STOCK tokens.

The IBEx Explorer allows you to monitor all PRP transactions and more generally all token movements within IBEx to ensure maximum transparency. More information can be found in our investment notice (also called whitepaper).

Explain to me BURN, PRP and Trust Pack (LONG account)

PRP is the “perpetual repurchasing plan” which is the commitment of the issuer of the tokens to repurchase them at the market price via its turnover.

Once the buyback is completed, the issuer will destroy (“BURN”) all or part of the tokens, according to the commitment in the information notice, in order to reduce the token’s monetary mass.

Tokens placed in the Trust Pack can be redeemed under the PRP at the end of their lock-in period.

A spot market is one in which assets are traded for instant delivery and settlement.

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SMART LIBER SAS with a capital of 1000 €.
10 Rue De Penthievre 75008 Paris
SIRET: 880 122 361 –  RCS : 880 122 361 R.C.S Paris